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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy is real simple. We respect the privacy of all our customers. As such we do not sell, rent or disclose our contact list to anyone. The personal information gathered on this website is used to process the order or to provide the visitor with the requested content. We also reserve the rights to use the information to determine demographics as well as deriving scenarios and analytics from aggregated data. Furthermore, please read or contact the respective affiliate(s)/vendor(s) for their privacy policy when purchases and/or inquiries are made on products not directly associated with Man of Steel Kiva Fireplace Screens. All such matters are the sole responsibility of the visitor of this site. The links are made available on our website for your convenience. Thank you for taking the time to read this privacy policy. Please contact us if there is a need for clarifications, questions and/or comments. You can click here to reach our administrator. We look forward to serving you. May G+d bless you and your family. With Gentleness and Respect, --The WebServant